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“Recording at Vienna people with Michael was the best experience I've ever had in a studio. I've been on recording labels from Sony to Arista, and have recorded in studios from new York to Philly to Boston etc. The quality and push and creativity that Michael McGlynn brings to the forefront is uncanny. He not only helps you to grow as an artist but he gives you your space and adds to your creativity.”

Goodbrother Musa (The Pious Poet)


I find it impossible to pigeon-hole Mike McGlynn. He is a producer, an arranger, a songwriter and a talented musician all rolled into one.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike on a number of occasions now, and I continued to be amazed by his enthusiasm (he is always keen to get the best music created), his energy (he is committed to the task at hand, always giving 100%), his encouragement (his positive attitude helps you to get your best work done) and his musical talent that allows him the ability to hear what a song needs and then play it,

Mike helped to shape and define my song ideas in a way that allowed me to stay true to my art whilst encouraging me to grow in my writing and playing. During the recording of my album “A Look Inside”, Mike worked tirelessly to help create 10 songs of excellent quality, which has allowed the first four singles to achieve top 10 status around Australia. * The latest single, floating went to number 1 on the charts in July 2005

I always look forward to working with Mike as I know that when he is around the music always sounds better! I would encourage anyone interested in taking his or her art to the next level to seriously consider working with Michael McGlynn.

* Based on TRAA Charts 2004

Nathan Tasker : Singer/Songwriter



Mike and I have worked on a couple of projects now, and I look forward to working with him again in the future. A talented musician in his own right, I am always impressed by his natural musicality and sensitivity in his approach to the music. Not to mention the good humour and professionalism he displays throughout the sessions. In short, Mike Rocks!

Tod Deeley : Audio Engineer | Sony BMG Studios, Sydney


"He's a humble genius. Never taking the wrap for producing some of the most crispiest and rockin sounds I've heard come out of this town. He's patient, warm, honest and above everything else - wholehearted in his approach. He's like a yabby plunger - finding a soft patch of songwriting to extract all the goodness and truth from the talent he's working with."

Sera Best (The Best Believes)



"Michael was the producer for my CD "A Mark In Time" which was released in May 2004. He did a wonderful job. The cd has received a great response from dj's and music industry people in Australia and around the world. In my view, a large part of the credit for this should go to Michael. First and foremost, he's a great musician. His instinct as to what arrangement or Instrumentation would work best was unerring.

I know he went the "extra mile" and spent many hours listening, working and re-working the tracks trying to bring out the best in each song. On top of that, he was always willing to listen to suggestions from me or other musicians involved in the project. His keyboard and guitar work, as well as his backing vocals, add just the right "feel" to the songs. He is a pleasure to work with and knows how to bring the best out of the other musicians.

His easy-going manner and sense of humour made many a late night session go smoothly for all concerned. He'll definitely be at the controls for my next cd and I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone else who is looking for a top notch producer."

Brian Elkington : Singer - Songwriter



"Michael has an amazing knack for thinking of the parts that you just don't think of. I brought the songs to him in what I considered to be finished format and he took them up to another level again. Rather than using over the top production or sample-based gimmickry he brought new life to the songs with subtle changes and additional atmospheric parts. He is definitely a producer who knows first and foremost what it means to be a musician/songwriter."

Riz Hallowes: Singer/Songwirter



"Michael McGlynn, my right hand man. He’s been invaluable. He has helped me demo many of my songs and has a great understanding of where I am going and what I am looking for from my music. Michael is the middle man between me and the rest of the band…. also he stands between me and the engineer, taking most of the pressure off my shoulders, he is an incredibly talented musician, playing keys, guitar, percussion and backing vocals, he is a fantastic producer."

Darren Paul : Singer/Songwriter


“ Michael is one of those rare breed whose musical talent is matched by his passion for music itself, his dedication to the project and his respect for the artist he works with. “

Steve Francis : Studio Owner Nikinali Studios
Winner 2003 Helpman Award


Michael found us while we were playing at a gig in manly and contacted us about recording with him. we met up just to see if we were on the same line of thought about our music, and we were!!!
Michael recorded some HSC comps for us which was a great help! Then we recorded a 15-track demo of all first take songs, which surprisingly turned out really good!
Michael informed us then about all the paths we could take in making our music develop and to be heard. Hopefully we will be able to record an album with Michael in the near future as he is a great producer and a fantastic guy...

The Vandolls: Emma and Carly | Songwriting Duo


"Michael did for my album what Hitler did for Germany...the guy is a total CONTROL FREAK! He never listened, he blasphemed the entire time AND he told jokes about a poor Italian man called rubber toe!! ………… Ok, now that I have your attention!


* High level of skill in the studio, i.e.ease with pro-tools, engineer and session musicians.

* Super-high level of commitment to MY project.

* High level music skills eg. keyboards, vocals, percussion.

* Strong level of self-belief PLUS ability to hear the song's "heart"

* Ability to help create GREAT VIBE in studio [at 11am. or 11pm.]


* "Smooth-as sessions"

* "I thought I cared about my songs...Michael was unbelievable!!"


* "We had a couple of late-night debates over key choices, musical nuances etc..always ended happily and each conversation made the song stronger"

*Michael created a powerful, rollicking session vibe..editing was positive and efficient and mixing was lots of fun but always thoughtful"

A powerful songwriter himself, Michael understands the "process" and the delicate journey by which a strong heartfelt song might become a GREAT song...get on board folks, but please LEAVE me a space for my next album. There IS no one else!!"

Ross Nobel : "Upright Man" | Singer/Songwriter



I have loved every minute of working with you. Your heart is truly with the music and your ear is in the now. Thank you for your thoughtful and gentle approach to all we have done together and the awesome music we have made.

Monique Rhodes : Singer Songwriter


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