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August 2010

It’s been a year since I updated my news!! In that time lots has happened. Where to start? I am now the owner of a recording studio in Annandale called Vienna People – it’s still in the process of being renovated including full sound proofing and acoustic treatment, but it’s going to be fantastic. It’s operational however, and I ‘ve been recording and producing Travis Collins’ new album, an acapella hiphop album for The Good Brother (from The USA), a Christmas single for Melinda Schneider, a track for singer/actress Rachel Beck for her upcoming EP, and a bunch of other stuff. I’m off to  the New York Fringe Festival in 3 days doing sound design/composition for a fantastic Aussie play, “One Thumb Out” so I can’t wait for that. Ben Isackson and myself just composed and produced a jingle for Komatsu Forklifts, and there are more jingles on the way. In terms of new gear, I now have some great new mics, a Dangerous summing mixer, a Neve 8801 pre, 4 API pres and the Event Opal monitors. So the studio is sounding and feeling great. Till next time. I’m in a New York state of mind….  

24th August 2009

The work on The Street Uni album has yielded some awesome tracks. All the kids have been amazing, and everyone involved has been great to work with. The legendary mastering engineer, Brian Gardiner (Tupac, Dr Dre, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Michael Jackson, everyone else!) has agreed to master the album for us in LA, so everyone’s really pumped.
Joe Kelly’s album is taking shape – we’re moving on to recording brass and strings. Joe and his band The Religion are currently doing some showcase gigs in London, and we’re ready to smash it when he returns.
I’m working on a couple of tracks with Matt Cenere, the singer/songwriter R’n’B artist who I’m sure will have a huge future.
On the live gig front it’s go, go, go. Looking forward to playing the Gympie festival with Melinda Schneider and Travis Collins in August.
There are a number of young bands I’ll be working with in the next month or two so it continues to be a busy year!

8th April 2009

It’s been a great 2009 so far.

We’ve begun production of Joe Kelly’s album, tracking drums, bass and piano all live to 2 inch tape at Paradise. Jamie Cameron on drums and Alex Hewitson on double bass were absolutely brilliant, and we’re looking forward to tracking strings and brass in May.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working for the Starlight Childrens Foundation, granting a wish for a young talented guitarist, Mike Bobrov, to record his band “12 gauge”. I took them to Studios 301, and we recorded, mixed and mastered their song “Addiction” in one amazing 10 hour session. It was an unforgettable experience for myself and the band. Thanks to the staff at 301, particularly Mike Morgan for his brilliant engineering, and Chris and Jordan for their great assistance.

I’m currently producing tracks for the debut Hiphoperations album, being recorded at the amazing Street University in Liverpool. The talent of the rappers is unbelievable. It’s going to be an inspiring release. Check out the Street Uni at :www.noffs.org.au/programs/streetuni.shtm

I’m adding to the studio all the time, with new additions including a Shure SM7, Logic Pro to add to my Pro Tools HD rig, and the new NI Maschine for phat beats.

And finally The Best Believes debut album will be released in May through Fuse. We’ve already had some amazing reviews, including 4 stars from the Sunday Tele, which will be published upon release of the record.

December 2008

I’ve had an incredibly busy and varied 2008, and am very excited about 2009. I’m currently in pre-production for brilliant singer/songwriter Joe Kelly’s debut solo album, which we’ll be recording at Billy Field’s Paradise studios with Jamie Cameron on drums and Alex Hewitson on double bass.

This year I scored music for 3 short films for Pen + Picture director Michael Ebner. ‘Postmodern Break-up’ has been selected to screen in Italy’s 40th Bolzano Short Film Festival from over 1600 entries from 70 countries, while ‘Be My Girl’ will screen at Dendy Cinemas in Sydney and Melbourne this month as part of the touring International Bicycle Film Festival.

I recently installed a Pro-Tools HD system along with a Neve 8801 pre-amp in my mix/overdub studio which is sounding fantastic. The first artist to record in there was Brett Barnes for some beautiful acoustic tracks. I co-produced Brett’s “With You” single with The DA’s Office which became one of the most added tracks to FM radio earlier this year. I’ve since recorded demos for Sarah Krump and 16 year old R’n’B sensation Matt Cenere.

I’ve also had the pleasure of playing keys for Melinda Schneider since October, and can’t wait for Tamworth in January.

Have a great festive season and a great start to 2009.

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